Horse Web Design and Marketing Tools

The beauty is the simplicity.  Ask yourself... What is standing between you and a website you love?  Between you and more sales?  Between you and greater, more effective use of social media?  Chances are your answer is either Time, Money, Know-How or any combination of them.

So what if we made all those problems go away?  Would you be interested?

The HEART is the Admin Panel - Auto Update in ONE place

This is the place where all the magic happens. Don't laugh, we're serious ;)

The steps are easy, log in, add a horse, the horse is automatically updated on your Website, on Facebook and in our Classifieds. You do it once. Presto! You can update whenever you need to, without having to call your web designer to make a change. There's no need for any technical know-how. Take the power back!

Very User-Friendly, Word-Like Page Editor

The "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor lets you make changes to your web pages as easily as if you were editing a Word document. Add pictures, lists, tables, Flash files, links, colors, and other formatting options with ease. Each page gets a nice human-readable and search-engine friendly URL; Pictured on the right, we're editing this very page.

If you're skilled with HTML, you can always go into "Source Mode" and edit the page's HTML directly. Add JavaScript, custom widgets, iframes, or whatever you need to support more advanced features.

Zero Maintenance Horse Pages, Just How You Want Them

Add horses to any page on your site by simply clicking the checkbox to "Display horses on this page". If you want to display all of your horses on one page, then you're done. If you prefer to segment your horses onto multiple pages, then set the filters to specify which horses should go on that page.

Any time you add or edit a horse, they will automatically be added to the appropriate pages. You can show all your quarterhorse mares that are for sale between $10,000 and $20,000 and sorting them by ascending price. If we ever add a new mare in that price range, it will automatically display on this page. Or if we change a horse's price so that it falls into or out of this range, the page will update itself. Set it and forget it.

Templated, Turn-Key, and
User-Friendly Websites

The moment you sign up for the website package, your new site goes live and we'll send you your temporary website address so you can start adding horses and pages immediately. When you're ready and everything is how you want it, we can help you point your own domain to your brand new site.

There are 17 different color templates to choose from, plus a number of beautiful fonts and background designs to make your website match your branding and personality.

To see our demo site, visit:

Unlimited Classifieds w/ Unlimited Pictures & Video

We don't nickel and dime you for every picture or video you want to include with your horses. Upload as many as you like. We support video from both YouTube and Vimeo as well as all web-safe image formats.

Pictures and video are displayed in an elehant "lightbox" format allowing buyers to zoom in on and browse through your media in a professional and easy to use slideshow.

Facebook App: List Your Horses on Your Business Profile Page

Install our Facebook App on your Facebook page and a new option, "Our Horses", will appear in the menu on the left. All of your horses are automatically listed on your Facebook page and updated whenever you make a change in your admin panel.

Effortlessly keep your fans up to date on your latest offerings and drive traffic back to your website or classified listings to view more information about a horse.

This App is included in all our service packages at no extra charge.

Modern & User-Friendly Horse &
Services Search Engine

Tired of classified sites that looked like they were built over a decade ago, we set out to use state-of-the-art technology to produce one of the most user-friendly and powerful search engines in the industry. And when your horses are in our system, they are all automatically entered into this search engine which is located on our homepage - and we are constantly marketing it to buyers on your behalf.

The simple search criteria will satisfy most buyer's needs, but the advanced search options really allow for tailored search results for the discerning buyer to narrow down what they're looking for. They can even search by breeder, pedigree, rider level and many other options.

Horse Profile Pages

Fill out all of your horse's information in your Admin Panel and a web page will generate automatically. It is beautifully formatted with all the essential information, registries, disciplines, breeding traits, description, pedigree, pictures, video, Facebook "like" button, contact information, and a link to view your other horses and services.

Pictures and video are displayed in an elegant "lightbox" format allowing buyers to zoom in on and browse in a professional and easy to use slideshow.

Each horse gets its own search-engine friendly URL; Or without a website with us:

We Promote Your Horse Business on our Facebook Wall

With a constantly growing Facebook Fan base, the Horse Breeder Direct Facebook page is the perfect venue to add another cost-free layer to your marketing. Interspersed with interesting articles and videos, we feature our clients' horses and accomplishments and have a very high rate of user interactivity.

Let us know if you'd like us to give you tips to improve your own Facebook page.

We Can Specially Tailor Facebook Ad Campaigns for You

Interested in getting more Fans for your business page or driving more traffic to your website? We can help you design a campaign in minutes using Facebook Ads. Taking advantage of their "Sponsored Stories" and specifically target "Likes" or "Posts". Facebook is a global resource like none other!

These ads can be designed to build your fan base or send traffic to your website. With a surprisingly small budget, we can help you raise these numbers dramatically. When you have more Facebook Fans, they become a captive audience and will see any updates you post.

Consulting and
Customer Support

PHMG isn't just about building websites; we listen well too. We can help you refresh your company image or brand yourself for the first time. Tell us about your history, successes and aspirations.

We will work to ensure that the content on your website distinguishes you from your competitors and capitalizes on your unique strengths.

And how good could we be without A+ customer support? You will no longer have to wait days or weeks for your web designer to return your call, let alone complete the work. We are here for you. We have the best customer support in the industry and will prove it every time.

Horse Business Websites Exactly How you Want Them

Not satisfied with the templates we offer? That's no problem! There are a couple ways to go. We can work with you in house to customize a design that works for you or recommend you to one of our approved designers. And you can always hire someone outside our group of your choosing.

Contact Us to discuss all your options!