We're Nell and Bodie...
and we've made it our job to help horse businesses.

And it just so happens that we are uniquely qualified to do it right. The easy to use, update everything from one place into pre-formatted horse profiles and pages platform is modeled after an already successful system used by the wine industry - the industry Bodie came from and where he played a key role in writing much of the software.

On top of the rock solid technology foundation, we added the thick, spongy, everything horse layer. Nell added her 30 years of experience in everything from pony club, training, vet bills, stallion hunting, dressage, combined training, foxhunting, and who knows what else into the mix.

We encased all that in our extensive marketing and social media backgrounds to create a beautiful and intuitive system that was blazoned on top with elegant and modern graphics.

Nell Scannon, Owner, Director of Sales, Marketing & Creative Design

Horse struck almost from birth, she got her first pony when she was four. Leopard was a spotted and ever round twenty-four year old Pony of the Americas that carried her faithfully into her 30s. Winchester was her fearless jumping mount, then after a trip to England with Pony Club and watching an upper level Dressage show, Nell transitioned from Combined Training to Dressage, where Diva, her Hanoverian picked up. Training horses through college until she graduated from UC Davis in 2001, she aspired to be in the equestrian business, but it wasn’t until she got into a career in communications, graphics and web design that all the pieces began to fall into place.

Bodie Paden, Owner, Director of Technology

Getting his start in technology at an early age by dismantling the family’s electronics, he was later chosen to work for the Pentagon at the age of 17 while serving in the Air Force. Getting his Computer Science degree from University of Maryland University College during his 4-year tour, he left and began working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contracting firm. After staying there for 7 years, he took an opportunity to become the CTO of a software company in the wine industry. Three years later, he met Nell Scannon whose passion for horses combined with his passion for technology to form Horse Breeder Direct.



1983 Hanoverian Mare.
Our sweetheart, with us since she was a weanling.
1984 Yearling State Champion.



Waps Chocolat (Lily)

2005 Appaloosa Mare.
Tons of attitude, purchased her at 1 day.



FWF Baron Von Wing Commander (Ollie)

2008 Georgian Grande
Total lover,
dressage all the way!