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Connecting Equine Professionals
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This is where the rubber meets the road. You know your Equine Business is good, maybe the best out there. But does your potential client base know? Let us get your marketing into gear. Let us help you.... Get Noticed.

A website that's finally YOU.

So, you're kindof a rebel? Whether you choose from one of our templates, or you want a design that's captures everthing that's different in you, the amazing features of our platform are yours for the taking. Just login to your Admin Panel make changes and click submit. Your Website, Classifieds and Facebook have all been updated. Horse websites made easy, it's turn-key.

Horse Jumping

A 1000 Classifieds for the Price of 1

And we're not talkin' text-only, pay-per-photo, extra-charges-for-video ads. These are beautiful, have as many pictures, as much video as your little heart desires, full pedigree, go-nuts horse classified ads.

Many Horses

Taking the frustration out of Facebook

Whether you have the time to post on Facebook or not, our Application ensures that there's always something to look at.
By automatically uploading horses to your wall when you update them in your Admin Panel, your clients will always know what horses are available for purchase and at stud.

There isn't much we don't do

From Websites that are Templated or Custom Design, Logos, Photo Touch-Ups, to essential printed materials like brochures and business cards, we're the ticket. We'll make sure your horse business gets noticed.

Graphic Design

Let's mull it over Together

Have more questions than answers? We can help you shape social media strategies, assess strengths and weaknesses of your existing or proposed website, help brand your horse business, discuss ways to improve your website's ranking, and even review your logo or printed materials.


Get Noticed.

Sure, you could run out and get a mohowk, but let's do that as a last resort. Punk Horse Marketing Group is here to help you build on the strengths of your equine business by providing a clear and affordable path to all the marketing tools you'll ever need.  Including having Search Engince Optimization BUILT IN.

We can provide all or some. Whether you are starting from scratch and haven't decided on a logo, need to completely re-vamp your existing website, or you have a beautiful website and are just looking for more outlets for your sales horses or to get into social media, we can tailor a program to your needs.
More about us

We're a Marketing Company AND a search engine. Clients who list horses for sale or at stud in our system will automatically be uploaded into our existing sales database. It's well established, professional, has the most elegant format online, and has a proven track record. Go To Horse Breeder Direct

Marketing, Technology & Horses.

It's pretty rare to hear "horses" and "technology" in the same sentence, but rest assured we could hold our own in a game of Jeopardy. From feed and vet bills to Facebook ads,computer hardware and graphic design, we can relate, and that's what makes us so darned special.

Have something special in mind?

...but our designs don't shout out to you? If you want to build a custom website with the great features of our platform, today is your lucky day. You can have exactly the look you want and still log into our Admin Panel and make changes and add horses to your website without the need to call your designer every five minutes. If you already have a designer, great, if you need us to recommend one, we can do that too.

Did you know we can help with auctions?

We provide the same easy-to-use tools for auctions that we do for websites. We've even developed an auto-generated catalog with customizable pages for advertisements and other content - saving you thousands of dollars on design. Find out what we can do for your Horse Auctions.